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The Coaching Clinic Licensing Program
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I've found The Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™ to be the perfect model for working with companies in integrating basic coaching skills into their leadership development programs. The two-day facilitation of the clinic is rooted in participants learning a straight-forward model that fosters employee growth, awareness, commitment and accountability. As a facilitator, it's incredibly rewarding hearing the results participants see post-clinic in their new-found role as leader-coach. – Carol Flagg


Today's highly competitive business environment demands that individuals and organizations perform at higher levels and with greater speed than ever before, with fewer resources than ever before.

Leaders and employees alike must place a new emphasis on individual and collective learning and creativity. 

The 4-Day Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™ (CCLP) 

The 4-day Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™, in its updated 5th version, is a train-the-trainer (T3) licensing program.

Depending on location students may enroll in the CCLP for a single 4-day course or two 2-day courses separated by several months. Both options follow with an optional one-hour TeleCourse.

The first two days of the CCLP are the Coaching Clinic™. The 2-day Coaching Clinic provides both seasoned leaders and emerging leaders with an easy-to-implement coaching process to generate clear commitments with strong accountability to achieve the results necessary to ignite business performance.

Participants in the second two days of the CCLP gain licensure to facilitate a 2-day Coaching Clinic™ to team members.

Human resources professionals, training & development professionals, managers, internal coaches, and business leaders responsible for incorporating and expanding the coaching culture within their organization, from the top down or to the bottom up, attend the Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™.

The Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™ may be completed in two ways:

  • 4-Day Face-to-Face Event (train-the-trainer): Coaching Clinic™, Facilitation and Licensing
  • The CCLP Follow-Up TeleCourse (Optional)


  • 2-Day Face-to-Face Event: Coaching Clinic™
  • 2-Day Face-to-Face Event (train-the-trainer): Facilitation and Licensing
  • The CCLP Follow-Up TeleCourse (Optional)

Please note that individuals may enroll in the 2-day Coaching Clinic™ without enrolling in the full licensing program. Please see below for locations and dates.

During the four days of the face-to-face event, you will learn and experience

  • Benefits and challenges of being an organizational coach
  • Key distinctions between a professional coach and coach-manager
  • When you should step into the role of coach – and when to step out
  • Corporate Coach U’s unique 5-step process of coaching in the workplace
  • Core coaching skills for peak performance and accountability – and pitfalls and promoters
  • The PCSI (Personal Coaching Styles Inventory™)
  • Effective ways to positively influence your team to bring out their best
  • How to market and sell public and external 2-day Coaching Clinics™
  • How to sell a 2-day Coaching Clinic™ to decision-makers in your organization
  • How to get potential enrollees excited about participating in an upcoming Coaching Clinic™, the PCSI Assessment and the Coaching Conversation Model™
  • Effective coaching practice opportunities with professional coach and facilitator feedback, utilizing skills from the 2-day Coaching Clinic™
  • Tips on how to deliver the Coaching Clinic™ across cultures

During the 1-hour CCLP Follow-Up TeleClass, you will learn and experience:

  • An opportunity to re-connect with your facilitator(s) and cohort group to discuss successes and challenges
  • Just-in-time Q&A – now that you’re back in the office and have had time to contemplate your new learnings
  • Real-life strategies for successfully marketing and selling the 2-day Coaching Clinic™ and its derivative products to your organization or client companies
  • How to order from the private Licensed Facilitator section of the website
  • How to actively participate in offered Licensed Facilitator Forums 

Benefits of becoming a Licensed Facilitator

The Coaching Clinic™ has earned a reputation as the most comprehensive training for on-the-job  core coaching skills for managers, supervisors and leaders. 

As a Licensed Facilitator, you can deliver the effective 2-day Coaching Clinic™ to organizations and individuals. Participants will

  • Discover coaching as a powerful model of management, mentoring and leadership
  • Hold their team highly accountable to stated objectives and outcomes
  • Experience and practice with state-of-the-art coaching tools
  • Learn the structure and skills to perform like a seasoned coach immediately
  • Position the organization for rapid growth
  • Make major advances in professional and personal connections
  • Apply learning within the workplace immediately

Can’t pull staff out for two days of training?

Not only will you be licensed to deliver the 2-day Coaching Clinic™ to your supervisors and managers, you will also have access to Coaching Clinic™ components that can be delivered in shorter amounts of time and/or separated into blocks.

As a Licensed Facilitator you may separate the delivery of Days One and Two of the Coaching Clinic™ to best fit the schedule of your organization. You may purchase the Coaching Clinic Participant Guide© to deliver a customized agenda. You may also facilitate three-hour programs, such as the PCSI course or the Coaching Conversation Model™.

The Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™ is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

  • Currently credentialed  ICF coaches will earn a total of 30 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Units upon completion of the program.

The Coaching Clinic™ has been delivered by Licensed Facilitators throughout the world. Participant Guides are available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Greek
  • Polish
  • French
  • Portuguese

Multi-national organizations, or external coaches, trainers and consultants, wishing to reach multiple markets will find that having this product in multiple languages is priceless.

What does the licensing include?

The Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™ includes all materials for the successful delivery of the Coaching Clinic™:

  • Coaching Clinic Participant Guide©
  • Coaching Clinic Facilitator Guide©
  • Laminated Coaching Conversation Model™ card
  • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory™  (PCSI) Assessments
  • The PCSI is the first and only coaching communication styles inventory. The PCSI was developed in response to a need for understanding and mastery of interaction between different communication styles from the coaching context.
  • Downloadable files, including teaching overheads
  • Customizable marketing materials.

Upon completion of the program Licensed Facilitators are supported through:

  • Facilitator-only website with extensive support materials for sales, marketing and delivery for internal and external coaches, trainers and consultants
  • Further product offerings to support organizations with a program rather than an event
  • Clinic review TeleClass.
  • Help Desk for ongoing support
  • A community of CCLP Licensed Facilitators with a monthly forum  
  • The opportunity to participate in the Advanced Coaching Clinic Licensing Program™ and the Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program™ Click here to learn more.
  • The ability to announce your public 2-day Coaching Clinic™ on the Coach U website.

Licensed Facilitators pay no additional licensing fees or commissions to deliver the 2-day Coaching Clinic. Coaching Clinic™ Licensed Facilitators are required to purchase a Coaching Clinic Participant Guidebook© for each person who participants in a Coaching Clinic™.

Upcoming Events  

Please enroll well in advance to reserve your seat! The Coaching Clinic Licensing Programs™ sell out, and waiting lists are established.

PLEASE VISIT: WWW.COACHU-HQ.COM to view upcoming events.

Pricing and Enrollment Information

  • Pricing:  Pay special attention to the early-bird pricing date for your preferred event date. 
  • Enrollment:  Contact your regional office to speak directly to an Admissions Officer for enrollment.
  • CCLP Policies: Please ensure that you read our CEFTP Enrollment Policy prior to enrolling. Click here
  • PDF File: For a printable overview of the CCLP,  click here

Regional Contacts for the Coaching Clinic® Licensing Program

Our Regional Admissions Offices will be happy to answer your specific questions (including payment plan info), enroll you (and several of your colleagues) into one of the upcoming programs and provide you with additional information.

Admissions Department for North America, South America and countries not listed below:
Call:  1-800-48COACH (1-800-482-6224) or 1-866-966-8688 (for callers outside of North America)

Admissions Department for Australasia, India and Middle East
Call:  +61 2  9531 8988
Regional Site:

Admissions Department for Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom
Call:  +44 (0) 1902 896 768
Regional Site:

Sales Department for Corporate and Organizational Inquiries
click here , or contact us via one of the methods above, to learn how you can bring our popular and proven programs and services to your organization (i.e., train 8 or more staff).


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