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Core Essentials Program
  Information     Pricing     Core Courses     Electives     Enroll’s International Coach Federation’s (“ICF”) approved Accredited Coach Training Program track (ACTP) starts with our 77-hour Core Essentials Program.  The Core Essentials Program offers beginner and intermediate courses to develop core coaching competency at the ICF’s Associate Certified Coach level (ACC), knowledge in developing a coaching business, and personal development for sustainable success in coaching.  These skills are essential for coaches providing individual and/or organizational coaching services.  These programs, enhanced with invaluable practice and project labs, have been carefully designed to teach you core coaching skills, deepen your personal foundation and learn practical practice development skills as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

Who attends our 77-hour professional coach training program 
  • People looking for fundamental core courses in coach training 
  • People who intend to become well-trained and masterful credentialed coaches
  • Experienced coaches whose clients are now starting to demand formal coach education and coaches with International Coach Federation credentials
  • Internal corporate and organizational coaches responsible for developing a strong coaching culture within their organization
  • Coaches looking to blend the Coach U approach with other training programs. 
  • Individuals who are interested in incorporating solid coaching skills into other positions or professions.
  • People who want to communicate more effectively with others and gain more control of their life

What you will learn

  • In-depth information and interaction with the ICF’s 11 Core Coaching Competencies
  • Protecting your coachee and protecting your reputation as a coach with Ethics & Standards for the Professional Coach
  • Popular myths and misconceptions in coaching – learn how prospective individuals and organizations can easily spot an untrained coach
  • What is professional coaching and distinctions between coaching and other professional roles
  • How to get out of your own way using Coach U’s acclaimed Personal Foundation concepts
  • How to coach virtually anyone on anything using our toolbox of critical coaching models, skills and tools
  • Determining elements of your ideal coaching practice, your strengths in coaching,  and to specialize, or not, in personal coaching, career coaching, business coaching and internal coaching (plus many more niches)
  • Crucial components in creating strong coaching contracts
  • How to use the 100+ forms, resources, checklists, assessments and other tools developed by Coach U (and how to use third-party assessments in coaching) PLEASE NOTE: Students will need one-time access to a CD/DVD drive in order to retrieve, literally, hundreds of Word and PDF files located on the CD at the back of one of the required textbooks, Coach U’s Essential Coaching Tools.
  • How to coach people with different learning styles, personalities, cultures, roles, etc.
  • Coach U’s core 9 Guiding Principles
  • Situational coaching scenarios
  • Fundamental differences between internal and external coaches
  • Qualifications that large organizations seek out for their global pool of internal or external coaches
  • How to establish sustainable coaching fees and packages
  • Pitfalls and mistakes that untrained or poorly trained coaches make
  • Sales strategies that the most successful coaches use
  • Marketing 101 for the new coach (strategies for both internal and external coaches)
  • How to attract your first or next clients or coachees
  • Creating multiple revenue streams
  • Pathways to becoming credentialed as a coach
  • Distinctions between Coach U and Corporate Coach U’s Advanced Programs

Once all basic program requirements have been satisfactorily fulfilled, coaches may apply for certification and/or continue on to one or both of's advanced programs.

Core Essentials Delivery Options

Core Essentials is offered in two formats: 

  • Core Essentials Program (CEP) – our facilitated, self-paced, home-based program delivered via TeleClass
  • Core Essentials Fast Track Program™ (CEFTP) – our accelerated program delivered face-to-face with supplemental TeleClasses

If you don’t want to wait or travel to an event, consider enrolling in the facilitated self-paced Core Essentials program delivered via TeleClasses,  You can start taking courses from the convenience of your home in as little as 10 days from now! 

After the Core Essentials Program

After you have graduated from Core Essentials, you may begin taking courses in Coach U's Advanced Coaching Program (ACP) or Corporate Coach U's Advanced Corporate Coaching Program (ACCP), for an additional fee. In order to graduate from one of the advanced programs, you must complete another 98 hours of required and elective courses.  A total of 175 hours of coach training (which includes the Core Essentials Program) is required for basic graduation from the advanced programs.

If you want to register for both the Core Essentials Program (CEP) and advanced coach training, but you can't decide between Coach U or Corporate Coach U's advanced coach training programs right now, you may still enroll -- simply state that you'd like to enter the Undeclared Advanced Program (UAP). You can let us know your preferred advanced track at any time during your Core Essentials Program training.  Please keep in mind that you must complete the entire CEP before you can register and take advanced courses. 

Coach U and Corporate Coach U's advanced certifications are fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  This enables the certified graduates of our advanced programs to apply for ICF certification through the accredited schools track, which is preferred by most coaches. 

Achieving Coach U's Coach U Certified Graduate (CUCG) designation or Corporate Coach U's Corporate Coach U Certified Graduate (CCUCG) designation will allow you to apply for ICF certification through the ICF accredited schools track (ACTP track). Most professional coaches strive to achieve the ICF's Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) designations. 

Confused?  Don’t worry – you will have access to our student-only area to get exclusive resources to make understanding the process, from brand new coach to MCC credentialed coach, as easy as possible!

Pricing and Enrollment Information

  • Pricing :  Scroll above and select the Pricing tab.
  • Enrollment:  Contact your regional office to speak directly to an Admissions Officer who will enroll you.

Regional Enrollment Contacts for the Core Essentials  Program

Our Regional Admissions Offices will be happy to answer your specific questions (including payment plan info), enroll you (and several of your colleagues) into one of the upcoming programs and provide you with additional information.

Admissions Department for North America, South America and countries not listed below:
Call:  1-800-48COACH (1-800-482-6224) or 1-866-966-8688 (for callers outside of North America)

Admissions Department for Australasia, India and Middle East
Call:  +61 2  9531 8988
Regional Site:

Admissions Department for Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom
Call:  +44 (0) 1902 896 768

Regional Site:

Sales Department for Corporate and Organizational Inquiries
click here , or contact us via one of the methods above, to learn how you can bring our popular and proven programs and services to your organization (i.e., train 8 or more staff).

Students who successfully complete all coursework in three programs (a- the beginning/intermediate CEP/CEFTP program, b- the Advanced Coaching Program/Advanced Corporate Coaching Program, and c- additional requirements to receive the Coach U Certified Graduate or Corporate Coach U Certified Graduate designation) will be able to apply for their ACC or PCC designations through the ACTP Track with the International Coach Federation.  (The same standard for coach training hours and client coaching hours applies for all ACTP-approved coach training programs.)

Core Essentials Program

Advanced Corporate Coaching Program

Advanced Corporate Coaching Transfer Program (ACCP-T)

Core Essentials Fast Track Program

The Coaching Clinic® Licensing Program (CCLP)

Essential Conversations for Developing Others (ECDO)

The Coaching Clinic

Organizational Coaching Development

Executive & Leadership Coaching

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