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January 15, 2003

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- Two new Public Personal Foundation Courses have been scheduled.  If you are interested in seriously improving the quality of your life, this 12-week course is a must!  Led by experienced faculty, you will learn how to eliminate and prevent tolerations, prioritize your time for self-care, set realistic standards, establish and communicate effective boundaries, handle your money, build reserves, get your personal needs met in a healthy way and design a life according to what you value most.  Act fast -- this is the *official* Personal Foundation™ Program and the next course begins this Monday, January 20 at 9pm ET!  For more information or to register, click here.

- Coach U is very pleased to announce our brand new Becoming A Coach TeleClass!  This new TeleClass is for anyone with an interest in coaching or in any of our Coach Training Programs. All you need is a telephone to be part of this information-rich TeleClass. The "Becoming A Coach TeleClass" will not only be an informational resource for you, but will give you an experience of virtual learning and training. During this 4 week course, we will cover how to get started as a coach, the intersection between personal development and coaching, coaching models that you can start using today, and business basics including marketing strategies.  Click here to get more information, or contact us at

- We have just designed a new set of Community Logos for the various designations that our students and graduates hold.  They are located in the student-only area, under Resources.  

- The Coach U Community Newsletter is now being delivered to all Coach U and Corporate Coach U students and graduates.  If you received multiple copies of this newsletter and don't wish to, please contact us at and we will modify this list.  Please feel free to share this newsletter with your family, friends and co-workers -- they can subscribe and unsubscribe here.

- We're only 15 days into the new year and has already formed 3 New Strategic Alliances with 2 training & development companies and an innovative coaching portal.  We are happy to enter into these alliances so that our students have access to additional tools and resources that will support their coach training, many at a discounted rate! 


... on Coaching Skills.  

Listening is a core coaching skill.  It is so important, we have a 12-week core course dedicated to the subject.  Effective coaching can only occur when you truly listen to what's being said and not being said.  That understood, we also need to listen to what's on the surface, and what's under the surface.  In order to best coach our clients, we need to actively listen without an agenda to discover all kinds of information, such as: to discover the symptoms that are present, what is causing the situation, what types of related experiences they've had, what's missing, if they are coachable around this situation at this time, what they need most right now and in the long term, what their values are, how they are motivated, what their professional strengths and weaknesses are, etc.  The better we listen, the more information we have to co-create a meaningful course of action.

... on Practice Development.  

When was the last time you checked in with your clients to ensure that you are providing them with what they need?  It's always a good time to let your current and potential clients know that you're listening.  If something isn't working for one or all of your clients, can you adjust it?  Are you providing your clients with the sense that you've truly heard them -- are you remaining silent when you could speak, paraphrasing, repeating back verbatim, responding to something that wasn't said, providing value or information on something they've mentioned in passing?  There are many ways to demonstrate that you're listening.

... on Personal Foundation.  

Continuing with the listening theme, let's pay close attention to what our bodies might be trying to tell us.  Spending 5-10 minutes a day being still with no distractions may allow hidden or unrecognized opportunities to be pushed into your awareness.  Maybe you can listen to your intuition and discover where you need to take action.  Perhaps you'll want to jot down images, fragmented phrases, words, feelings, sensations, recurring numbers, etc. to see if your body/mind is trying to get your attention.    


- March 6-8, 2003.  The Professional Coaches and Mentors Alliance will hold their 8th National Conference this year at the Renaissance Hotel, 111 East Ocean Avenue, Long Beach, California.  For more information about this conference, click here.

- May 7-10, 2003.  The International Coach Federation European Conference will be held in Stresa, Lake Maggiore, Italy.  From all reports, the ICF's European conferences are a blast and packed with useful information!

- November 13-15, 2003.  The 8th Annual International Coach Federation Conference will be located in Denver, Colorado, USA.  If you are a new or a seasoned coach, this conference is worth attending.  It's not too soon to begin planning!!! For more information, visit the ICF's website

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A Note from Jennifer 

We hope you like our new look!!!  As always, we are interested in hearing from you. If you have any feedback that you would like to share, please don't hesitate to do so!

Next month, I'd like to add a new section called "Ask the Coach."  If you have a puzzling question or situation in front of you, why not send it to us at  Of course, we won't be able to include and address all of your questions, but we're sure that you'll gain additional insights from the questions/situations that we do address.

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