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Lorraine White - Coach U Graduate - Prior to receiving coach training at Coach U, Ms. White owned a successful Advertising and Production Firm.

"I had a friend who offered to coach me. I thought the process was brilliant. I wanted to add the tools she had to my repertoire.

I enrolled in Coach U. I liked the fact that it was done in a virtual environment. It was really tough for me to commit to face to face training with my other responsibilities.The TeleClasses save you so much time and coaching is primarily done over the telephone so to learn over the telephone was great.

Coach U training has sharpened my leadership skills. It arms you with so many life skills you can do anything. I learned additional tools, which I then applied to helping children grow.

It's a great profession if you have a thirst for knowledge.

Coaching makes a difference, not only in your own life, but in the lives of your clients - and then they go out and make a difference. Coaching has a ripple effect that never ends.

Coach U develops and creates great coaches. I highly recommend Coach U."

Wendy Wein - Coach U Graduate - Prior to receiving training at Coach U, Ms. Wein was an Optician for 20 years and managed optical stores in doctor's offices.

"After moving, I wanted to do something different, so I started working with a coach to explore the possibilities and coaching was exactly what I wanted to do. My coach pointed me towards Coach U.

I did the research and it was definitely Coach U. I was concerned about the TeleClasses and didn't know if I could learn that way, but I surprised myself. I was very pleased with the high caliber of the content in the classes. Coach U is the premier coach training company. It's incredibly comprehensive and offers well rounded training.

The faculty members are open and warm. They made it a very safe place to venture out, participate and role-play as much as possible. They also made it a safe place to disagree and that's what coaching is all about - being non-judgemental, open and listening to others. I found myself growing as a student with each class I took. It's incredibly fun.

I loved being able to schedule classes around my life. If I could offer this advice: if you're thinking about becoming a coach or want to learn coaching skills, go to Coach U. You'll come out really prepared to be a coach.

Making the transition from optician to coach wasn't difficult. I'm still providing people with vision only in a different way."

Gordon T. Clark - Coach U Graduate - Before training at Coach U Mr. Clark was a Career Diplomat with the State Department for 15 years. He also has over 10 years experience as  a marketing and business consultant to advertising agencies and other service businesses.

"I felt that the Coach U curriculum would give me everything I needed to coach at any level I chose.

The Coach U education is critical for people who want to use their previous education and experience in a coaching capacity.

The training gave me the ability and confidence to apply all my previous education and experience in a coaching capacity.

I found the course content extremely interesting, thought provoking and pertinent to a wide variety of coaching challenges that I have since encountered.

The faculty encouraged me to use the training material to reexamine and make full use of my own personal and professional background in coaching my clients.

The TeleClass environment really taught me experientially how to deliver intimate and powerful coaching by telephone. The fact that I didn't have to commute further than my telephone allowed me to take on more than I could otherwise have handled. I was able to schedule my training, work and personal endeavors to mesh well.

Coach U set a standard of excellence and professionalism that has served me well as a model for conducting my own practice."


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