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coachinc’s core team is a diverse group of dedicated professionals. Each asked themselves how they could move people and businesses from wanting to reach a goal to exceeding their own expectations. What specific questions did the management team ask themselves that brought them to the coaching profession?

The Answer was Coaching…What Was the Question?


Pamela Richarde, Director of Training for Accredited Programs, Coach U & Corporate Coach U

Pamela Richarde's question: What do I REALLY want?

Pamela Richarde's answer: To inspire greatness in all of our trainers, so that they can facilitate the growth and creation of brilliant and masterful coaches that will serve the world in their own unique expression.

Cindy Grosser, Director of Admissions, Coach U & Corporate Coach U

Cindy Grosser's question: How can I most effectively give back to the coaching community that has given so freely to me?

Cindy Grosser's answer: By providing the best customer service possible. Our team treats each person who phones or emails the Admissions Department as a valuable person who will one day be a dynamic and successful coach.

Cheryl Hornig, Director of Operations – Australasia, India and Middle East, Coach U & Corprate Coach U

Cheryl Hornig's question: Through what method can one person assist and support another to achieve all their dreams, desires, and goals?

Cheryl Hornig's answer: Coaching.

Michelle Jamison, Director of Student Services, Coach U & Corporate Coach U

Michelle Jamison's question: What can I do to ensure our students have a dynamic, learning experience?

Michelle Jamison's answer: By being conscious of our students needs inside and outside the classroom.

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