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Power Of A Question

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The Power of a Question

Create a clear pathway to what you are looking for by investigating the following questions.

Please place a check mark in the box(es) opposite the questions which best reflect your thoughts and interest.

1. Do people regularly come to you for personal advice?
2. Are you seeking a way to help people move towards their personal goals?
3. Do you feel that you have coach-like qualities and want to build on your strengths?
4. Do you want to build a business that has meaning and value?
5. Do you want to experience more awareness in your life?
6. Are you looking for additional support and tools to build your coaching business?
7. Do you want to accelerate your own business results?
8. Are you looking for a way to leverage your education and business experience to help others ignite their own performance?
9. Do you want to develop additional skills and competencies to help existing clients exceed their goals?
10. Are you seeking resources to help you add value to your coaching practice?
11. Do you want to introduce coaching to your team or leaders?
12. Do you want to combine your knowledge and experience to create a new career?

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