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Essential Conversations for Developing Others
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“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

Lyndon B. Johnson


The future success of today's enterprise is greatly dependent on developing tomorrow's leaders.


  • Is your organization struggling in this fast-paced environment - more than you think it should?
  • Is your company fully equipped to ensure leadership continuity, smooth succession and long-term growth?
  • Are your leaders skilled communicators - ready and willing to have difficult conversations and make an impact?
  • Are you, as an external change agent, looking for a new model to provide the managers and leaders in your client organizations with the critical skills necessary to move ideas forward and achieve greater success?


Survey after survey suggests that we are not doing well in the area of developing tomorrow’s leaders. It's no surprise that staff development - preparing the next generation of leaders and supporting skill development at all levels - is a top issue for business leaders around the globe.


The 2-Day Essential Conversations for Developing Others™ (ECDO) provides the answers to leadership development.


One of the core competencies that successful organizations now require is that managers focus on developing others to ensure continuity, smooth succession and sustained growth.Corporate Coach U’s newest program is designed to equip leaders to address this key competency.


The 2-day Essential Conversations for Developing Others™ leadership development program builds on the skills and tools introduced in The Coaching Clinic™. The core of the ECDO program is the belief that managers can successfully initiate developmental conversations through a coach approach.  This exciting new program trains participants to recognize and create opportunities for developmental conversations and teaches how to maximize these opportunities for leadership development.



Who attends the 2-day Essential Conversations for Developing Others™ (ECDO) leadership development program?


The 2-day ECDO program recognizes that leaders and managers face varying levels of challenge in communication and conversation with team members and employees. The ECDO program guides participants to tackle the most difficult conversations and specifically those, which are impeding optimal business performance.


Participants of the 2-day ECDO program learn effective communication skills and particular communication techniques for all members of their organization:

  • C-level leadership team
  • Customers, clients and client companie
  • Executives and directors
  • Board of directors
  • Direct reports
  • Decision-makers
  • Peers

When you facilitate a 2-day Essentials Conversation program, internally in an organization or externally in a private or public event, your participants will gain:

  • Clarity concerning their personal coaching and communications style through Corporate Coach U’s PCSI™ Assessment
  • Insight regarding personal coaching and communications style through Corporate Coach U’s PCSI™ Assessment
  • Core coaching skills to achieve improved workplace performance
  • Corporate Coach U’s Coaching Conversation Model™.
  • Corporate Coach U’s Contextual Audit Chart™ to support people in learning the essence and possible drivers behind others behaviors
  • Comprehension of their personal preferred learning styles (beyond visual, kinesthetic, and auditory.), along with the ability to recognize and appreciate the other learning styles shared by other team members
  • Understanding of how to create and maintain the ideal Coaching Environment™ in the workplace
  • Critical skills for facilitating Courageous Coaching Conversations™
  • Practice time and feedback in role plays and real-plays for upcoming and difficult conversations

Who attends the 4-day Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program™ (ECDOLP)?


The 4-day Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program™ (ECDOLP) is a train-the-trainer program for HR professionals, training and development leaders, all managers and supervisors, new and emerging leaders, internal and external coaches, consultants, and others who are dedicated to a next-level launch in designing a coaching culture in the workplace

Depending on location students may enroll in the ECDOLP for a single 4-day course or two 2-day courses separated by several months. Both options follow with an optional one-hour TeleCourse.


A recent participant of the ECDO Licensing Program said this:


"I think the course was nothing short of momentous because of the practice and emphasis on the coaching model, especially the gap.  This is my second my former life I was an Air Force officer and, as such, got "oodles" of leadership and behavioral training from situational leadership to Maslow's hierarchy and many others.  Nothing I had during my 20 plus years in uniform came close to the clarity and completeness of what I got between the Coaching Clinic and Developing Others...nothing!”


The Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program ™(ECDO-LP) is designed to stretch, challenge and build on participants' coaching and facilitation skills while equipping them with the knowledge and tools required to lead a successful Essential Conversations for Developing Others™ program.


In the 4-day Licensing Program, participants both experience the ECDO leadership development program and learn how to successfully deliver it.
Our experienced program facilitator(s) will challenge you to learn through interaction and direct practical experience. In addition, participants receive training in coaching at-the-front-of-the-room.
This program has high coaching content; you will leave this training with more advanced coaching and facilitation skills.
The program is structured such that on each of the four mornings participants experience a half-day of the 2-day ECDO program. In the afternoons, participants explore the content in detail through additional applied exercises, practice sessions, role-play and discussion groups.


What’s included in the 4-day train-the-trainer licensing program to enable committed people to facilitate the 2-day leadership program?


  • Comprehensive Facilitators Guidebook
  • Complete Participant Guidebook
  • Styles of Learning and Mentoring Instrument
  • Contextual Listening Audit Chart© with audio example
  • Case studies
  • Developmental scenarios for practice sessions
  • Developmental Mindset Self-Assessment
  • Coaching Feedback and Acknowledgement Cards
  • Journal
  • Sample post-course assignments
  • 30 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) credits for ICF-credentialed coaches 

The Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program™ may be completed in two ways:

  • 4-Day Face-to-Face Event (train-the-trainer): Essential Conversations for Developing Others™, Facilitation and Licensing
  • The ECDOLP Follow-Up TeleCourse (Optional)


  • 2-Day Face-to-Face Event: Essential Conversations for Developing Others™
  • 2-Day Face-to-Face Event (train-the-trainer): Facilitation and Licensing
  • The ECDOLP Follow-Up TeleCourse (Optional)

Please note that individuals may enroll in the 2-day Essential Conversations for Developing Others ™ without enrolling in the full licensing program. Please see below for locations and dates.
Upcoming Two Part 2-Day Events

Please enroll well in advance to reserve your seat. 

*Please contact the office is you would like to join the program.

Important 2015 Notes: The most up-to-date program and course information for Coach U and Corporate Coach U can be found at Please note that tuition will be increasing as of March 1, 2015. Please visit for more information.

Pricing and Enrollment Information

  • Pricing: Pay special attention to the earlybird pricing date for your preferred event. Click here
  • Enrollment:  Contact your regional office to speak directly to an Admissions Officer for enrollment. Click here
  • ECDOLP Policies: Please ensure that you read our ECDOLP Enrollment Policy prior to enrolling. Click here

Regional Contacts for the Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program

Our Regional Admissions Offices will be happy to provide additional information and answer specific questions including payment plans and enrollment for individuals and groups.

Admissions Department for North America, South America and countries not listed below:
Call:  +1-800-48COACH (1-800-482-6224) for calls within North America
+1-866-966-8688  for calls outside of North America
Need more program information? Please click here.

Admissions Department for Australasia, India and Middle East
Call:  +61 2  9531 8988
Regional Site:

Admissions Department for Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom
Call:  +44 (0) 1902 896 768

Regional Site:

Sales Department for Corporate and Organizational Inquiries
Please click here , or contact us via one of the methods above, to learn how you can bring our popular and proven programs and services to your organization and staff team.

For a PDF flyer with detailed description of the program, please download one of the following:


North America: Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program
Australia: Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program

UK & Europe: Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program™ 


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