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Name Description
Becoming A Coach - Webinar Five-Week Becoming A Coach Webinar.
Core Essentials Program Start your Coach training with our 77 hour Core Essentials Program offering beginning and intermediate courses to develop strong foundational and core coaching skills. The TeleClass version of the Core Essentials Program begins on a 'rolling' basis. We suggest you enroll 15 -30 days prior to the month you wish to begin taking courses.
Core Essentials Fast Track Program The Core Essentials Fast Track Program offers the brand new Core Essentials Program courses in a one week in-person format followed by a teleclass course. When you've completed this entire program, you are automatically enrolled into the regular Core Essentials (teleclass) Program for 6 months so that you can take the teleclasses as a refresher. TO ENROLL IN A FAST TRACK PROGRAM - CONTACT ADMISSIONS DIRECTLY at or 1-800-48COACH. Do not enroll on-line.
Advanced Corporate Coaching Program The Advanced Corporate Coaching Program has a focus on taking a coach approach while using business language in corporate situations with individuals, teams or organizations. This program specializes in corporate coaching.
Advanced Corporate Coaching Program - Transfer The ACCP - T is specifically for those coaches who have obtained ICF certification and who wish to continue their coach training with Coach U. The ACCP - T has a focus on taking a coach approach while using business language in corporate situations with individuals, teams or organizations. This program specializes in corporate coaching. Please note: to be admitted to the ACCP Transfer an entrance exam and prior training and certification is required.
Becoming A Coach - The Teleclass If you have an interest in coaching or in any of our Coach Training Programs, enrolling in the Becoming A Certified Coach Webinar series is the perfect place to start! This information rich Webinar will not only be informational but will also give you an experience of virtual learning and training. NOTE: This course is informational and optional and is not a prerequisite for the Core Essentials Program.
Professional Foundations Course - Single Course Corporate Coach U’s Professional Foundations for Masterful Coaches™ TeleCourse (“PFMC”) is an eight-week course designed to support you in expanding the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. In this course we examine a wide variety of concepts to support being the best coach or leader you can be. This course explores life and career/business matters to cultivating and maintaining personal and professional relationships. If you are seeking to develop yourself further, this course is for you; it focuses on personal development, professional development, leadership development and coaching development.
Essential Conversations for Developing Others Building on the skills and tools introduced in The Coaching Clinic, Essential Conversations for Developing Others Licensing Program has at its core the belief that managers can successfully initiate developmental conversations through coaching. The program trains participants to recognize and/or create opportunities for developmental conversations, and how to maximize these opportunities for leadership development. One of the core competencies successful organizations now require is that managers focus on developing others to ensure continuity, smooth succession and sustained growth. This program is designed to equip leaders to address that key competency. Essential Conversations is for those managers and leaders who have completed the two-day Coaching Clinic and are ready to go to the next level with their coaching.
The Coaching Clinic Licensing Program Companies with large training departments find it cost-effective to have internal professionals trained and licensed to deliver The Coaching Clinic® to company employees.
Core Essentials Program

Advanced Corporate Coaching Program

Advanced Corporate Coaching Transfer Program (ACCP-T)

Core Essentials Fast Track Program

The Coaching Clinic® Licensing Program (CCLP)

Essential Conversations for Developing Others (ECDO)

The Coaching Clinic

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