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The Benefits of Becoming a Business Coach
The Benefits of Becoming a Business Coach

This is an opportunity to be trained for a new and growing profession that facilitates improved business performance through effective business coaching skills.

The true value of the learning is a catalyst for professional development and business growth.

The value of CCU training experienced by our graduates and their clients:

  • Coaching facilitates partnering and collaboration, which results in more effective outcomes.
  • Coaching facilitates a shared accountability among individuals at all levels.
  • Coaching helps people gain clarity, which moves them toward a more powerful and satisfying career direction.
  • Acting consistent with ones core values transforms work into a self-renewing source of satisfaction.
  • Connecting to other students from all over the world in the virtual classroom gives students the flexibility to learn from anywhere.

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The Benefits of Becoming a Business Coach
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The Benefits of Becoming a Business Coach

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