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How TeleClasses Work
How TeleClasses Work

How TeleClasses Work

Connecting with the Coach U teleconferencing bridge is simple. Here's what to do:

  • Pick up your business or home telephone.
  • Inactivate call waiting if you have it on your telephone.
  • At class time dial the phone number given to you when you registered. Do not call early as another class may be finishing up.
  • You will hear voices of other individuals on the call. Please be silent and wait until the class facilitator asks, "Hi, who just joined the call?" Then introduce yourself by giving your name and the city you're calling from. If you join the call late and the group is already involved in discussion, wait until there is a natural pause in the conversation or a question is posed to the group that you'd like to respond to. Then announce your name and city you're calling from before offering your comments.
  • If you are calling from a telephone with "music on hold" and you have to leave the call for any reason, you need to hang up and call back or use the mute button. If you simply put the phone line on hold, everyone on the call will hear the music.

Participation Tips

Our experience has shown us that the following suggestions enrich everyone's experience of a TeleClass:

  • Come to the call prepared to introduce yourself and to identify what you'd most like to learn on the call
  • Share whenever you can. Share what you're learning as well as your experience which can benefit others in the class.
  • Enjoy the interaction among your fellow participants. You and they are what make the class work!
  • Ask questions. Every question is a good one that others on the call will also want the answer to.


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How TeleClasses Work

How TeleClasses Work

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