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Community News Issue 2002.3
Coach U / Newsletter / Archives / 20023
Community News Issue 2002.3
Community News Issue 2002.3


Special Note from September 26, 2002:
You may have already received this during the first week of September, but since some people did not receive this, I am re-sending it.

- TUITION INCREASING OCTOBER 1, 2002. If you did not receive this previously and you are considering enrolling into the Coach Training Program, the most important note in this newsletter was that tuition is increasing on October 1, 2002. PLEASE READ ON FOR MORE INFO -- YOU MUST REGISTER BY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 TO AVOID THE TUITION INCREASE. Best wishes, Jennifer

Newsletter sent the first week of September 2002:
Thank you so much for your interest in this newsletter! You may have noticed that this issue has arrived a bit earlier than usual. In light of your positive comments and feedback from the earlier issues, we didn't think you'd mind! And, although I very much enjoy exchanging email with you each quarter, please know that I will be out of the country for the next several weeks on my honeymoon...

Here's what you'll find in this issue:
- News and Events
- Timely & Trendy Tips
... on Coaching Skills
... on Personal Foundation
... on Practice Development
- Upcoming Coaching Events

- WEBSITE LAUNCH. Our new website has launched! You can visit the division of your choice (, or you can visit's main site at Although we still have much work to complete, we are very pleased with the results. And, if you check the site regularly, you'll notice that we're adding and modifying content and pages nearly every day.

- PRICE INCREASE. On October 1, the tuition for Coach U's original Coach Training Program and the Core Essentials Program is increasing. The CTP will be $4795 USD on October 1, and the CEP will be $1995. Make sure you register well in advance of September 30th to avoid "the rush." Visit any of our websites and click on Programs and Services for more information. Or, feel free to contact our Admissions Team at for more information. We've been able to hold the tuition for 2 years, but with much consideration, we've determined that it's time for an increase. And, as you may know, the successful 73-hour Core Essentials Program has just entered its second year and is no longer in the pilot stage.

- BOOKSTORE. If you've visited our new sites, you may have noticed that the bookstore has moved. Very soon, our bookstore will be located at We'll have four main areas on this site: Assessments, Bookstore/Resources, Coach Referral and Affiliate Programs.

- COACH REFERRAL. Whether you are looking for a coach on a monthly retainer or the services of a coach on a timed basis, we can help. To work with a coach on a short-term/long-term basis, visit If you need "just in time" coaching, why not visit our new website

... on Coaching Skills. When you leave a coaching session and notice that you have less energy than before you started, it's a good idea to review your dialogue. Often times, you will lose energy when you are not speaking your truth (holding back) or you have become attached to the outcome (want something to happen in a certain way or on a certain schedule). Do your best to objectively evaluate the situation so that you can learn and grow from it. Perhaps, next week, you'll have the same or higher level of energy after your session.

... on Practice Development. How have you enlisted the support of others to help you grow your practice? Are you secretly wishing that your friends, family, colleagues, etc. would send more business your way? In the coaching profession, most clients come by word of mouth or some type of personal contact. It may be time to gently remind people that you are available. You can also make it very easy for people to refer you. Whether you have the full works (a business name, logo, website, etc.) or you are simply doing business under your own name, you can easily create promotional items such as pens or mugs with your name and phone number that people can distribute to others.

... on Personal Foundation. How well do you know yourself? If someone were to ask you what your personal standards are, how would you respond? Standards are behaviors that you hold yourself accountable to. Some examples: I am someone who speaks well of others, I do complete work, I give myself time to respond well, I fill my gas tank before it reaches a quarter of a tank, etc. Every now and then, it's helpful to review your standards to see if you are consistently meeting your standards, if they are working for you, or causing stress. After you check in here, you may want to raise or lower your standards to adjust to life's current circumstances.

- October 24-26, 2002: The 7th Annual ICF Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA. For more info, visit: If you are new or a seasoned coach, this conference is worth attending. And, you can meet various staff members: Lynne Lopez, Admissions Director; Sheri Ross, CTP Director; Christine Abbey, Help Desk.

- Thank you so much for the wonderful notes that you sent regarding the last issue. This profession is truly amazing and we're glad that you're a part of it.
- We are always interested in hearing from you. If you have any feedback that you would like to share, please don't hesitate to do so!
- If you want to unsubscribe to this newsletter, go to, on the right side of the page, click on Register under Free Newsletter and follow the instructions. You can subscribe and unsubscribe here.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Corbin........................
Vice President, Coach U............... 858-847-0144 (Phone)
Small Business & Career Coach......... 858-847-0143 (Fax) ........

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