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Community News Issue 2002.2
Coach U / Newsletter / Archives / 20022
Community News Issue 2002.2
Community News Issue 2002.2


Here's what you'll find in this issue:
- News and Events
- Timely & Trendy Tips
... on Coaching Skills
... on Personal Foundation
... on Practice Development
- June Discounts in Bookstore
- Upcoming Coaching Events

- We are getting closer to launching our new website that will be rich in content, easy to navigate, cohesive and pleasing to the eye! To check out our new design, go to and click on the blue preview icon. Then you'll be able to view our Guiding Principles, get to know our Core Team, look at our new logos and more!

- In our last issue, we mentioned that our new practice development program, Practices of Excellence, was going to be offered as a stand-alone new program. In order to better serve our current students and graduates, we actually moved this course to the full coach training programs -- at no additional cost!

- Many people recognize us as the pioneers in the coaching industry; we sure like to think so <grin>! We are very excited about this coming weekend because Coach U will air a new television commercial several times on the Oxygen Network (a cable television network) during Cheryl Richardson's ( Life Makeovers show. We can use the last commercial we ran on the same network as a good indicator that our coaches might notice more activity than usual on their personal websites, especially if these sites are linked from the Find A Coach Directory ( .

... on Coaching Skills. How well do you listen to others? Are you "actively" listening, or do you find yourself reflecting on your surroundings, thinking about what you're going to say next or considering the past or future? The most basic coaching skill and perhaps the most important coaching skill is the ability to listen well. It's not about you -- it's about your client. As they say, seek to understand rather than to be understood. When you listen, remain silent. And, to help you remember, listen and silent are composed of the same letters...

... on Practice Development. There is someone today who could benefit from your coaching services right now. Yes, right now. What are you waiting for? If you see someone struggling in a work situation, meet someone who just lost their job or talk to someone who needs to make a sound decision, offer them a brief complimentary coaching session. You'll never have all the answers; it's about having them walk away with value -- clarity, options, action steps, resources, direction, etc. And, yes, with experience, over time and as a result of receiving excellent training, your skills will tremendously improve. You'll coach a different type of client and raise your fees. But right now, someone could benefit from who you are today and what you have to offer.

... on Personal Foundation. In these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to pay attention to how we are caring for ourselves. The better you care for yourself, the more you have to give to others. The more you nourish your spirit, the better able you are to respond to change, opportunities and disappointments. Perhaps now is a good time to schedule and prioritize something that brings you joy. What brings you joy? Is it learning something new (just because...), getting away for a night or two, having dinner with friends, spending the day in a park, visiting the local animal shelter, curling up with a novel or simply helping someone at work who needs it?

100% Cotton Polo Shirts - 50% Off!
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Coaching Skills Audio Tapes - 10% Off During June, 2002
Description: This set of six audiotapes is a part of the Master Laser Coaching Series. You'll hear plenty of content and learn many ideas on how to further improve your coaching skills.
- Regular Price: $60.00 USD. With 10% Discount: $56.00 USD.
- Students/Grads normally receive a 20% discount on audiotapes; in June, receive a 30% discount on the Coaching Skills tapes ($42.00 USD).
- Discount code: cst28

Working Wisdom Book - 30% Off During June, 2002
Description: This book contains many top ten lists regarding professional and business development. Make a great client gift.
- Regular Price: $12. With 30% Discount: $8.40 USD.
- Discount Code: wwis45

Special Notes
* Discounts are only valid for purchases during the month of June and will not apply to previous purchases. Make sure you enter the discount code provided at the link below.
** To place an order, visit our Bookstore at

- June 21-22, 2002: Coach U Coaching Skills Experience, Irresistible Attraction Workshop and Coach U Graduation Ball, London, UK. Soon, information will be available at, or contact
*Meet Sandy Vilas, Pres. of Coach U, Jennifer Corbin, VP of Coach U, Carol Golcher, Coach U UK/Eur. Operations Dir., as well as author and coach Talane Miedaner here*
- July 5-7, 2002: The Australasian ICF Conference, Sydney, Australia. For more info, visit:
*Meet Jennifer Corbin, VP of Coach U, and Cheryl Hornig, Coach U Australia/New Zealand Director of Operations, here*
- October 24-26, 2002: The 7th Annual ICF Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA. For more info, visit: If you are new or a seasoned coach, this conference is worth attending.

- Thank you so much for the wonderful notes that you sent regarding the last issue. This profession is truly amazing and we're glad that you're a part of it.
- We are always interested in hearing from you. If you have any feedback that you would like to share, please don't hesitate to do so!
- If you want to unsubscribe to this newsletter, go to and scroll down. You will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe here.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Corbin........................
Vice President, Coach U............... 858-847-0144 (Phone)
Small Business & Career Coach......... 858-847-0143 (Fax) ........

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