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COACH: Deirdre Dufour, Coach U Graduate, August 2001.
CLIENT: Anne Rothwell, Senior Software Engineer, ABIOMED, Inc.

I think back to where I was seven months ago when I called you in January. I had no idea where I was going with my career and my outlook was pretty bleak. I felt like I had woken up and found myself somewhere I didn't want to be. I was very unhappy with my job and not sure if it was the environment I was in or the actual job itself that was not fulfilling. You helped me look at these issues in a systematic way. When I wasn't sure what direction to start in, you gave me many options and asked me questions until the direction became clear.

This process broke me out of my old habits and made me grow. You helped me empower myself.

Our weekly meetings kept me focused and task-oriented. All in all, I felt it was a very empowering experience. It has also been quite an education not only in all the things I've learned but also what I have learned about myself.

Frankly, I have to say that if it wasn't for your coaching especially at
the end (and that was coaching!) I don't think I would have the great job that I have today.

Three weeks into my job in the field I have always wanted to be in, I am extremely happy. This job fits with my values and gives me the feeling that my work is important. The work looks very exciting and it has taken on new meaning. I feel like I have rediscovered the passion that I had in graduate school when I knew what direction I wanted my life to go. Life is good.

It made me realize the journey I had just taken and how I was now entering a new phase of my life.

COACH: Kimberly Bryant, Coach U Graduate, March 2000
CLIENT: Meredith Gould, Author

Kimberly is gifted at helping you get on task to do what you are saying
you want to do -- helping people let go of all the excuses and reasons why
they are not doing what they are saying they are going to do. She
especially helps people who are trying to start businesses and get into right

COACH :Laura Burkey, Coach U Graduate,
CLIENT: Cynthia Arn

Working with Laura has been a pleasure, and an extremely energizing
 experience, since our first session about five months ago.  At that time
I was floundering in a career that was no longer fulfilling for me.  I felt
it was time to move on, and was interested in coaching as a career, but was
overwhelmed with the challenge of making such a large change.  I was also
struggling with some real big "meaning of life" issues - how much joy can
I expect in this life?  Isn't hard work and suffering what it's all about? Am
I being selfish to want more?  Why am I here, anyway? I am not going to tell you that we have answered all of these questions in five months.  I will tell you what has happened:  I enrolled in Coach U and love it.  I have three coaching clients, and am restructuring my work week to allow myself to take on more clients and to develop my practice.  I am delighted to find that I absolutely love it, and it energizes me tremendously.  I have found the courage and support to make a number of changes in my life and in my attitude that have improved the quality of my life tremendously.  Early on, Laura and I worked on a mission statement, which I read frequently and is a tremendous source of inspiration for me. I have been able to articulate and make real my core belief that we are all entitled to lives filled with peace and joy.  This is what I think Laura's truest value to me as my coach has been:  to help me uncover my "real life" and to live it joyfully and without guilt.  (Well, with less guilt.  We're working on that.)  Best of all, she has a wonderful sense of humor and an enthusiasm for what she is doing that fills me with energy.

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