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Standards and Ethics
Standards and Ethics

Coach U supports and promotes ethical standards and behavior on the part of its graduates. To that end, the ethics and standards presented here serve as a guide to the everyday conduct of Coach U trained coaches. Coach U holds that these standards are essential to upholding the integrity of the profession and its continued health and growth.

As a coach, I pledge to honor and support the beliefs, values, individuality, objectives and goals of my client(s) so that they can grow and expand the areas of their personal and / or professional lives that they have chosen. In doing so I pledge to respect my clients individual requirements, limitations and personal boundaries. I will remain constructive and instrumental in any feedback or exchange between us and will put first and only the well-being and expressed desires of my client(s) and at no time my own self interest or personal gain as it pertains to the coach / client relationship.

I agree to maintain the confidentiality of my client(s) and the coaching relationship. I will hold confidential the name(s) of my client(s), information about their personal and / or Professional life, colleagues or related parties without the express permission from the client.

I will provide coaching to clients only in the areas of my expertise. I will not offer guidance, advice or council in any specialized area in which I am not qualified or licensed. If it becomes apparent that the client has challenges or problems that are beyond my expertise, I will request that the client seek advice, council or services from a qualified professional to help them in that area. I will reserve the right to terminate the relationship until the client has done so if the challenge or problem impedes the forward movement of the coaching process.

I pledge to continually pursue my development as a professional coach by making a commitment to my own personal growth and exploration, maintaining a connection to the coaching community at large by meeting regularly (a minimum of once bi-monthly) in either a live or virtual group of peers, professional coaching organization(s) or coach training organization(s) and participating in a minimum of ten hours of coaching related classes, workshops, seminars, conferences or conventions per year.

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Standards and Ethics

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