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Our faculty practice what they teach.

  • The faculty has a far reaching commitment to student success and their contribution to coaching in the world.
  • They are committed to expanding coaching in the world through fully prepared graduates.
  • Our faculty represents the best that coaching has to offer.  Our faculty command top dollars in their private practices and choose to teach at Coach U as part of their professional legacy in the world.
  • Our faculty model life long learning and blends the richness of their professional backgrounds with the depth of the Coach U curriculum.
Faculty name Country
Susan Abrams United States
Ken Abrams, MCC, PMC United States
Grace-Lyn Allen, MCC, PMC United States
Jennifer Anderson United States
Sara Arbel Israel
Jille Bartolome United States
Chrissy Carew United States
Philip Cohen United States
Barbara C. Connor, MCC, PMC United States
Duncan Coppock United Kingdom
Shawna Corden United States
Donna Coulson United States
Bernadette Crompton Australia
Grace Durfee United States
Marlene Durrell Canada
Ann Fogolin, PCC Canada
Lerae Gidyk Canada
Elisabeth Gortschacher Australia
Leah Grant United States
Lynn Grodzki United States
Edward Grosso United States
Katie Harvey United Kingdom
J. Val Hastings United States
Moty Koppes, MCC, PMC United States
Jill Lackey United States
Russell Long United States
Belinda MacInnes (nee Merry) Australia
Nance MacLeod-Lutchin Canada
Sophie Mathewson Canada
Judith McCool United States
Maureen Miller Canada
Simone Peer United States
Edie Pereira Hulbert, MCC United States
Sharon Rich United States
Pamela Richarde United States
Barbara Richards Canada
Dr. Joel M. Rothaizer, MCC Canada
Amy Ruppert MCC, PMC United States
Jennifer Sabin United States
Terry Schaefer United States
Elias Scultori, PCC United States
Helene Van Manen United States
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