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Faculty Bio - Terry Schaefer
Terry Schaefer
Coach Training:
Corporate Coach U
Coach U
Graduate School of Coaching
Graduate Business Coach (CUI)
Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
Bachelor - Business Adminstration
Masters - Organization Development and Change Management
Masters - Social Work - Family and Children
Masters - Substance Abuse Counseling
I began leading classes for CoachInc:
Before coaching professionally:
I spent fifteen years in marketing, operations and strategic planning in small and medium sized corporations, eight years in the not-for-profit arena, and 6 years in the medical and mental heath field working with the family and children of an aging population.
My coaching practice:
I coach high achieving baby boomers that want more time, money and energy to live a well rounded life. These brilliant professional, executives and family business owners want more without more effort. These men and women live life with gusto, and I provide the light to make sure they are on their choosen path.
By leading classes, I tap into several of my core values: 1) to be able to give to the community, 2) get energized from the brillance of the group, 3) re-frame and re-focus ideas so they provide pin-point understanding, 4) have fun in a learning environment. We're all here to learn from one another!
The most unique quality of my leadership:
My leading classes include taking several points of view and synthesizing the essential elements into one simple, straight-forward, focused comment. I like having a lot of ideas buzzing around the bridge so we can pick the ones that works best for the class, then help you (the coach) integrate it to your style. It's magical and it is within you!
What I expect from the coaches on my calls:
Turn off the mute button and get involved!!! These classes are the safe place to goooooooooo way out on a limb, and get the support and guidance from others on the call. You were attracted to this profession because you are passionate about it, so get in there and just be a part of the dialogue. It is fun to play with new ideas. If you want to learn by doing, that's how I lead my classes.
My favorite benefit from leading classes:
Your ideas and comments make me think in new ways. Your billiance shine brightly, and I like having it as my light along the path for the class.
Feedback from students:
You include all of the coaches on the call to be part of building a better learning environment.
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