Group E. More Questions About Becoming a Coach
Group E. More Questions About Becoming a Coach

Do I need to hire my own coach?

This is entirely up to you. The most successful coaches (those making $75,000-$250,000 year) hired a mentor coach in order to ramp up more quickly and continually evolve themselves. Currently, about 50% of our coaches-in-training work with what are called Professional Mentor Coaches™. Fees range from $100 (group coaching) to $400 (individual coaching) a month.

When would I start working with coachees?

Most people begin using coaching skills within two weeks of starting one of our coach training programs; others wait six to eight months. It’s entirely up to you. However, you do NOT need to wait until you know it all. If you meet someone that you can help, offer to so do and let him or her know you’re new at this.

Do I need to live/work near a large city to be able to be trained?

Not at all. Many of our coaches live in small towns. Because the Coach U training is conducted by TeleClass and you can be anywhere in the world while both learning to be a coach and developing a practice.

I'm a manager and don't intend to be a full-time coach. Is the Coach U training for me?

Yes. Your staff or colleagues are your "clients" and you can use virtually everything you learn to help them perform better in their jobs and for your company. Coaching is the next degree of management. It's the future. Learn it now and you'll be a much better manager and your people will be naturally productive.

If I start with you, what can I expect from Coach U?

 You’re entering a new field and we will do a number of things to support your success, including:

Okay. And, what do you expect of me?

 In order for this to work, you must have:

Who do you suggest NOT train with Coach U?

We rarely advertise and most of our students are referred by our current students or graduates. Usually, someone hears about our coach training programs and wants more information. They visit our website  or take one of our free or low-cost TeleClasses. By then, most people know if coaching is right for them. Therefore, our programs are self-selecting – the right people are naturally attracted. However, we do ask people who are emotionally or financially stressed not to enter our programs until they are ready. Become a trained coach is an investment in a strong future, not a quick solution to current personal or professional problems. If you’re not ready right now, working with a coach may speed your preparation process.

Will I be able to get clients?

Yes, yes and YES! (This, by the way, is the most common question we get.) Coach U offers dozens of ways to help you get your own clients. If you follow our plan, you will attract clients.

Do I have to become a full-time coach to enroll in Coach U?

No. In fact, over 50% of our coaches have jobs or other income and they are easing their way into the coaching profession.

What if I have questions?

Just call us. People tend to have lots of questions about this field and about the process of becoming a coach. That's why we prepared this Q & A set. Feel free to ask us anything. The more you know, the more I think you'll see how powerful and attractive the field of coaching really is.

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