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  The Coaching profession has experienced both rapid growth and increased national and international recognition. is recognized as the leader in providing quality coach training. In keeping with our commitment to excellence, is in the active process of upgrading its training modules, quality of classes, and faculty skills. As the Coaching profession grows and new training companies and programs emerge, will continue to be the leader and set the standard for the industry.

Core Essentials Program (CEP) and Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP) graduation requirements:

- Complete 77 hours of class attendance (either by phone through the Core Essentials teleclass program or onsite live through the Core Essentials Fast Track program).
- Complete and pass the online course tests associated with the courses
- Complete and log a minimum of 20 coaching hours (3 clients minimum)
- Agree to uphold the International Coach Federation's (ICF's) Code of Ethics

For those interested in pursuing advanced training after completing the Core Essentials Program, the Advanced Coaching Program (ACP) and the Advanced Corporate Coaching Program (ACCP) graduation requirements are as follows:

- Successful completion of Core Essentials Graduation
- Complete an additional 98 hours of class attendance (including required practicums/coaching forums, Personal/Professional Foundations, and electives)
- Complete and log a minimum of 200 coaching hours (10 clients minimum)
- Work with a PCC or MCC certified coach, as your mentor, for at least 6 months and a minimum 10 hours coached (additional fees required)

- Agree to uphold the International Coach Federation's (ICF's) Code of Ethics

To view the specific courses that are included in each program, please click on Programs and Services (on the left side bar), and then the "get the full description of the program" link.  Course listings are under the "Courses" tab.  For the ACP and ACCP, additional elective courses are listed under the "Electives" tab.

If you have additional questions about Coach U graduation policies or requirements, please contact

For any other questions about our program, please contact

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