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How Coach U Trains the World Class Coaches
How Coach U Trains the World Class Coaches

How Coach U Trains the World Class Coaches

  Coach U is the leading innovator of coach training organizations, giving its students an edge by continuously developing new conceptual language, models and tools, and regularly updating its curriculum.  For the process of coaching to be successful, the coach needs cutting-edge behavioral models and concepts that bring insight and new ways of thinking to clients. 

  Coach U continues to push the industry standard of coaching quality above the bar. It constantly refines its curriculum to stay ahead of certification requirements.

  Coach U exposes its students to a variety of coaching models. In the same spirit that a good liberal arts education teaches one to think instead of memorize, Coach U believes in equipping students with a mastery of a variety of coaching models. With a broad repertoire, students are prepared to call on a variety of skills and tools as the client's needs warrant. Smaller coaching organizations often only teach their own proprietary model which may not be applicable in every coaching situation.

  Coach U offers a nationwide and worldwide network of high-quality classmates. Cutting-edge schools often draw the best and the brightest. Coach U's faculty and students provide an unmatched network of industry contacts, which helps Coach U students to continue to form the most successful coaching businesses in the industry.

  Coach U offers a turn-key system for a coaching career. Besides conceptual and verbal skills, students learn the business of coaching at Coach U. They receive support materials such as client assessments, website listings in the International Coaches Directory, forms and worksheets as well as workshops they can present so they can build and maintain their coaching practice.

  Coach U's TeleClass learning environment readies students for the real world of coaching. 80% of coaches work with clients via telephone. Since Coach U's classes are taught over telephone bridges, students are well prepared to coach clients that way.

  Coach U's students have life-long access to Coach U's learning materials, classes and network. Even after students graduate, they may continue to receive news updates from Coach U, maintain a free listing on the web-based International Coaches Directory and stay involved in Coach U's community as much they desire.

  Coach U's method of teaching is flexible, which actually enhances the quality of the education. Students can tailor Coach U's program to their own schedule and rate of learning, and still enjoy all the benefits (including graduation!). Whether a student plans to coach full-time, is a manager who wants to learn coaching skills or is a psychologist aiming to add coaching to her practice, Coach U's flexible program enables each student to get the most out of his or her training.

  Coach U is the largest coach training organization. With more than 7,000 students and graduates in 32 countries worldwide, Coach U has been training more coaches than any other coaching school since its inception in 1992.


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