Coach U, Inc. founded in the United States

 Sandy Vilas acquires Coach U

 Corporate Coach U founded
 The Coaching Clinic established by Corporate Coach U
 Coach U founds International Coach Federation
 Coach U launches Coach Referral Services

 Coaching intensive workshop released by Corporate Coach U
 Corporate Coach U establishes Coaching Services Division

 Core Essentials Program launched by Coach U
 New assessment center goes online

 Coach U, Inc. redesigns all programs and services for the next generation of coaching

 Coach U signs exclusive publishing agreement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., for publishing of Coach U Personal and Corporate Coach Training books

 Coach U, Inc. introduces streamlined educational programs to enhance training efficiency with common core-essentials program and updated and revised advanced coach and corporate coach training programs

  Launched Version 4 of the corporate Coaching Clinic Licensing Program
  Coach U delivers live coach training in Singapore for the first time raises its standards and changes its policy to ensure that 95+% of Faculty is ICF certified at the PCC or MCC level (the other 5% must have the ACC and be working towards the PCC)

2007 produces a retreat and training program for Faculty
  Corporate Coach U signed a licensing agreement to form Corporate Coach U Poland
  Corporate Coach U signed a licensing agreement to form Corporate Coach U Brazil
  Corporate Coach U currently offers  the corporate Coaching Licensing Program's participant guides in 6 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and German)
  Corporate Coach U offers new program to licensed facilitators of the Coaching Clinic: Essential Conversations for Developing Others

2008 redesigns the "Find a Coach" (a/k/a International Coach Directory) coach referral service completes the redesign of a more user-friendly student- and graduate-only area of the website
  Coach U to deliver live coach training in India for the first time in November 2008
  Corporate Coach U to deliver live coach training in Hong Kong for the first time in November 2008

 Trained over 16,000 coaches in 51 countries
 Established affiliates/partners in Canada, Europe, South Korea, Brazil, Poland, Greece, Japan and Australia
 Provided coaching services for businesses ranging in size from small firms to Fortune 500 companies
 Coach U and Corporate Coach U coaches currently work with more than 50,000 people per week