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 Thomas Leonard, the founder of Coach U and Corporate Coach U began training coaches in 1988.

 Coach U was founded in 1992.

 Corporate Coach U was founded in 1996.

 In 2005, the first college level textbooks on coaching were published by John Wiley & Sons, and were based on our coach training curriculum. The set of three textbooks are utilized in our Core Essentials Program. has graduated some high profile coaches in the coaching industry. Among them is Cheryl Richardson who has published several books on coaching and has appeared on Oprah. Laura Berman Fortgang , also one of our renowned graduates, is a published author and has made several television appearances.

 Over 16,000 coaches have received training from Coach U and Corporate Coach U., through its two training schools, trains 1000+ coaches per year; students are from over 100 countries worldwide, with the bulk of students from US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
 Our Faculty members are located around the world. All of our Faculty are certified by the International Coach Federation and are graduates along with being seasoned coaches - leading courses from experience, not just theory.

 Courses are taught both in person and by TeleClass, using automated call conferencing systems.  All classes are interactive discussions of key skills and concepts and contain practice coaching sessions.

  Coach U's role is to train coaches, foster the success of every coach and their clients and offer the systems, tools, programs and resources to advance the profession.'s state of the art Student Center is 100% automated: TeleClass registration, reporting, testing and evaluation and library are readily available to all students, 24 hours per day. In addition we offer a fully staffed Student Services Department. created the International Coaches Directory that lists many of its students and graduates: The directory offers the public a comprehensive listing of qualified Coaches.

 Coach U offers a free book for prospective coaches, entitled, "Becoming a Coach: The Coach U Approach", please call 1-800-48COACH to receivce a copy. For basic information contact, or visit the web at


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