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World’s Largest Coaching School Creates
An International Coach Directory to Enhance Lead Generation:

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO, August 13 , 2002 - (, the world’s largest coach training and coaching services firm, has launched, an innovative marketing support tool for coaches that is designed to improve new business lead generation.  This exciting new solution is exclusively for students and graduates of’s Coach U and Corporate Coach U coach training schools.

Supported by an aggressive online marketing campaign and utilizing proven marketing techniques with new search engine technologies, the new service is expected to help link thousands of potential coaching clients to coaches who are listed in this International Coach Directory.

The entire site has been developed with two primary goals. One: help the individual coach acquire new clients and build a successful practice. Two: create a strong and ongoing learning environment for coaches to maximize the many opportunities of the new economy and the Internet.

“The Internet is a key marketing factor in generating exposure and gaining new clients. Search Engines, portals and online communities are used by 92 percent of the web population to source and acquire services,” said Sandy Vilas, President of  “The number of people online looking for the services of a professional coach is increasing every month.”
For example, an analysis in January 2002 of the top five search engines including Yahoo, AOL, Netscape, Lycos and AltaVista showed over 21,000 searches for information on coaching services.
“The marketing campaign to drive traffic to will involve search engine placements, online and offline ads, opt-in mail campaigns, link programs, newsgroups and message boards”, said Vilas.
Once a visitor arrives at the directory, they will be guided through an easy to use process that helps them find the coaches that best suit their needs.  The potential client can then engage coaches directly via the ‘post a question’ option or directly via e-mail and telephone.  The directory can be accessed worldwide.

To learn more about registering in the International Coach Directory and how it can help coaches achieve even greater success in coaching, please visit (, is the parent company of Coach U and Corporate Coach U (CCU). is headquartered virtually in Steamboat Springs, CO, with over 7,000 students and graduates located in 36 countries.'s Coach U and Corporate Coach U training programs are held over the telephone and the Internet. The curriculum for Coach U includes 36 modules conducted during weekly conference calls with faculty and up to twenty students. The curriculum for Corporate Coach U includes 15 modules. Additionally, there are other programs available through both Coach U and Corporate Coach U.  The student and staff mix includes former and current attorneys, accountants, CEOs, managers, HR professionals, educators, consultants, small business owners and even therapists and ministers.


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