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Guiding Principles



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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO, August 13, 2002 (, the world’s largest coach training and coaching services firm, has announced a new online tool kit to help business owners, managers, coaches and individuals maximize their performance at work and fulfillment in their personal lives.

These communications tools, incorporated as nine Guiding Principles, are designed to help raise awareness of how individuals interact and respond to each other.  The Guiding Principles, which can be downloaded and printed as PowerPoint presentations from the website, are the accumulation of experiences of the 7,000 students, clients, faculty and coaches associated with in delivering and promoting the value of coaching as a catalyst for positive change.

“The Guiding Principles are designed as a tool set to deepen communication and raise awareness of how people interact with each other,” said Susan Cantwell, Director of Marketing, for, the Steamboat Springs, CO-based classroom-without-walls school founded in 1992. “When we become consciously aware of these principles which guide everyday life, we can integrate them and act on them. People see amazing differences in the way others react and interact with them.”

Since the Guiding Principles have been published in early May as part of the new redesign of the Coach U and Corporate Coach U websites, they have been viewed by more than 2,500 people. (, is the parent company of Coach U and Corporate Coach U (CCU). is headquartered virtually in Steamboat Springs, CO, with over 7,000 students and graduates located in 36 countries.'s Coach U and Corporate Coach U training programs are held over the telephone and the Internet. The curriculum for Coach U includes 36 modules conducted during weekly conference calls with faculty and up to twenty students. The curriculum for Corporate Coach U includes 15 modules. Additionally, there are other programs available through both Coach U and Corporate Coach U.  The student and staff mix includes former and current attorneys, accountants, CEOs, managers, HR professionals, educators, consultants, small business owners and even therapists and ministers.


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