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Backgrounder and its philosophy:
Since 1992, has trained the finest personal, business and corporate coaches in the world by educating more than 16,000 students and graduates from 51 countries to become coaches through its Coach U and Corporate Coach U programs. The company was founded on the belief that life and business send each of us a series of messages. If you respond to the message, it becomes an opportunity; but if you ignore or don’t see the message, it becomes a problem. The better you see and faster you respond, the more opportunities and fewer problems you will have.

Sandy Vilas, owner and CEO since 1996, and visionary Jennifer Corbin, president, have taken that message and endowed it with action all over the world, assisting people to become coaches and helping others get what they want in life, both personally and professionally. and its proponents believe there is nothing more important than the client’s satisfaction with their work – no hidden agendas. The connection to each other is important; as we strengthen ourselves, we strengthen everyone around us. And what it means to be a person continues to evolve and unfold. Coaching facilitates collaboration, creativity, innovation, action and positive results.

Guiding principles:
Both Coach U and Corporate Coach U are based on fundamental values and beliefs that have become the core of the training. Although interpreted somewhat differently in the personal versus professional or corporate setting, the guiding principles are the same. These include:

1. People have something in common
2. People are inquisitive
3. People contribute
4. People grow from connection
5. People seek value
6. People act in their own interest
7. People live from their own perception
8. People have a choice
9. People define their own integrity.

Training programs: training programs take a comprehensive and inclusive approach to coaching. No one method works for everyone, so programs use a variety of strategies and paths to success. In this manner, coaches are able to customize their coaching styles to the needs of each client. also takes a flexible approach to its classes, offering both live programs and teleclasses for the Core Essentials Program to accommodate the convenience of its students. Self-study materials, proprietary tools, and access to reference materials are also designed to accommodate the busy schedules of students.

While some coaches may want to coach full-time, other people may look at coaching as a part-time profession. And, in fact, many people simply wish to integrate sound coaching skills and principles into their current jobs, businesses and life experiences. programs are designed to meet the professional path chosen individually by each student. When students have completed the programs, they are supported via special interest groups and coaching chapters throughout the world, giving everyone access to an international coaching community.


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