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The Coaching Well is a place where all coaches can access resources and tools that add value to the coaching relationship. The Coaching Well is a place for you to come to develop your practice and enhance your mastery as a coach.

Regardless of the type of coaching you are doing you will find a resource to make your practice a well of possibilities that your clients will want to continuously access.

The Coaching Well provides you with many options. With each new resource you utilize you become a better resource for your clients as you expand your awareness and create more choices for yourself, your clients, and your business.

The Coaching Well has three major sections.

  • The Assessment Center will provide you with proven tools that can accelerate and deepen the coaching process and its targeted outcomes as you learn more about your clients and they deepen their understanding of themselves. 
  • The Book Store offers books and tapes about the practice of coaching and that are in keeping with a coach-approach to life. The bookstore also has a wide range of tapes on practice development and coaching skills.
  • Coach Referral gives you two different options on how to find a coach depending on your needs.

The Coaching Well will continue to evolve to meet the needs of coaches as they develop their skills and their coaching practices.'s goal is to help you build a great life and a fulfilling practice.

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