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Checklist for Hosts
Checklist for Hosts

The following information is useful to new Chapter hosts and as a refresher for current hosts, and is also helpful to help potential new hosts decide whether they want to take on the responsibilities of being a Chapter Host:

Creating your Community

Phase 1 - Creating

  • Before beginning in earnest, review the Roles and Responsibilities. It contains a good amount of helpful information you'll want to be familiar with before you proceed.
  • Select your co-host using suggestions contained within the Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Together with your co-host, decide where and when you would like to hold your first meeting. I suggest taking a month to prepare for your first meeting. Venue? Anything from someone's home to someone's office after hours to a meeting room at a local hotel or restaurant. Keep it intimate and simple until the group decides how it wants to function. Remember, this is about "community" and networking not appearances, rules and regs.

Phase 2 - Preparing

  • Along with your co-host contact all students and coaches in your area. This is an imprtant step aside from the obvious. When you make contact, take the time to find out as much as you can about the coaches in your area. Are they mostly new students, a blend of old and new or are they mostly practicing coaches? Knowing this will help you to create a focus for your Community meetings.
    In your contact email or phone call, let them know when and where you will meet and to expect a followup reminder and agenda. Ask someone to be responsible for arranging for food and/or beverages. This can be anything from simply good coffee to a pot luck depending on the venue.
  • Create an agenda based on suggestions contained in the Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Send out a reminder one week before your meeting. Communicate your agenda and a lot of enthusiasm!

Phase 3 - Meeting

  • Click here for a suggested meeting format.
  • Follow your agenda. Let everyone know when the meeting will end and stick to it.
  • Pass around an attendance sheet. You'll need this!
  • Take minutes.
  • Spend the time to get to know each other. Introduce each attendee asking them to say a little about themselves. Remember, this is an opportunity to see "who-knows-who or what" ....who and what they're connected to that might benefit the group and your goals.
  • Work together to define the purpose and mission of your group. Generally, you will find that members are interested in skill development and practice building. Think of this as you "define" your group. Discuss potential projects and goals.
  • Agree on when you will meet over the next 6 months.
  • Agree on your next meeting's agenda.

Phase 4 - Followup

  • Meet with your co-host and discuss your impressions of the meeting.
  • Provide minutes to all attendees including a reminder of the next meeting date, time and location.
  • Stay in touch. In some locations, groups elect to hold virtual planning meetings. The Community Bridge is available for your use. Contact  to schedule the use of this bridge.
  • Following these simple suggested steps will get you going. There is so much more to consider and each group is different. Reach out to other Communities, ask questions and don't be afraid to experiment! I'm here to help so please feel free to shoot an email to


For those still interested in applying to become a Chapter Host in your area, click here to fill out the application form.

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