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Interesting Facts About (Coach U and Corporate Coach U)
  • Thomas Leonard, known internationally as the "Father of Coaching," started training coaches in 1988.
  • Coach U was founded in 1992 by Thomas Leonard (now deceased).
  • Coach U is recognized as the world's first and original coach training school...the school that is recognized for having founded the coaching profession.
  • Coach U has appeared in the media more than any other coach training program in the last 15 years as the premier leader in coaching.
  • Corporate Coach U is recognized as the world's first corporate coach training school for managers, consultants and business coaches.
  • Coach U and Corporate Coach U again raised the standards in coaching when the first college-level textbooks on coaching were published by John Wiley & Sons in 2005.
  • Out of the 12 Presidents of the International Coach Federation, 11 were trained by
  • Hundreds of Coach U and Corporate Coach U students and graduates are published authors, including Cheryl Richardson and Laura Berman-Fortgang who also appeared on Oprah.

Why train with (Coach U & Corporate Coach U)?

  • Coach certification.   Once certain program requirements are fulfilled and approved such as satisfactory completion of courses, client coaching hours, mentor coaching, case studies, etc., you may receive certifications for marketing and credibility purposes.
  • University-level textbooks. Undoubtedly, has the most comprehensive printed curriculum in the world.  Our three college-level textbooks will provide you with state-of-the-art learning tools brought to life by our seasoned faculty.
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation*.   Coach U and Corporate Coach U both offer advanced certifications that are fully accredited by the ICF.  This enables certified graduates of our advanced programs to apply for ICF certification through the accredited schools track (ACTP track), which is preferred by most coaches.
  • ICF-Certified faculty.   We stand out from other ICF-Accredited coach training programs because 95+% of our international faculty is ICF credentialed at the PCC or MCC level.  Our faculty members are graduates as well as seasoned coaches and are leading courses from experience rather than just theory.
  • A flattened learning curve. When you are working with experienced coaches who care about your success, you stay on track and focus on the future.   With weekly TeleClasses, you will have time to both integrate and practice what you learn, thus ensuring that these skills, concepts and phrasing are permanently a part of your coaching tool box. 
  • License to use our materials. Immediately start using pre-designed forms, assessments, tools and other programs with your clients or coachees.
  • Community.  You will be encouraged to build a strong network of other coaches.  You may choose to participate in one of our many student/graduate-only SIGS that meet by teleconference or in a local Coaching Chapters.
  • Find A Coach Directory. students and graduates are invited to join our International Coach Directory.  In fact, as a new ACP/ACCP student you will receive a very basic listing included in your tuition. 
  • Affordable pricing. We've kept tuition low for all of our programs (especially our entry level Core Essentials program) compared to other ICF accredited coach training schools.  Payment plans are also available to support you in getting started soon.

How are programs delivered?

Our coach training programs, except for the in-person Core Essentials Fast Track Program, are delivered via distance learning (internet course enrollment and teleconference class participation).
  • Online TeleClass Registration.   You will register online for 1 to 4 courses per month, depending on your schedule and pre-requisites.
  • Weekly conference calls.    Most TeleClasses are delivered in 4-week courses lasting for 1 hour a week.  TeleClasses are led by approved faculty who are seasoned, experienced and credentialed coaches.
  • Weekly Homework.   In addition to reading the course materials, participants are expected to complete weekly fieldwork to fully implement and integrate learning.  Also, you can expect e-mail tips from faculty and classmates in between weekly sessions.
  • Global Collaboration.   We strongly encourage our coaches to develop a strong community of like-minded people all developing their coaching skills just like you!  This will support all of your coaching endeavors.
  • Regular newsletters. sends out student-only newsletters two times per month with various tips and pertinent information.

Core Essentials Program

Advanced Corporate Coaching Program

Advanced Corporate Coaching Transfer Program (ACCP-T)

Core Essentials Fast Track Program

The Coaching Clinicģ Licensing Program (CCLP)

Essential Conversations for Developing Others (ECDO)

The Coaching Clinic

Organizational Coaching Development

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