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Organizational Coaching Development
Organizational Coaching Development

Developing Core Organizational Coaching Competencies

Organizational Coaching Development integrates coaching throughout organizations as a more effective way to manage and build a collaborative and productive culture. The benefits of providing coaching to key persons in organizations have been demonstrated over the past 15 years. Now strategic-minded organizations are benefitting from the value of coaching applications – and more staff needs access to coaching than ever before. Organizational Coaching Development enables large numbers of supervisors, managers, and leaders to benefit from effectively managing their team with a proven coach approach.

The Coaching Clinic ®

Corporate Coach U’s Coaching Clinic® trains supervisors, managers and leaders in the philosophy of business coaching and equips them with coaching skills that can be immediately applied in managing challenging work relationships. This sixteen-hour training is being used in hundreds, if not thousands, of global corporations,non-profit organizations, governmental offices and educational institutes.

Training Internal Trainers and Coaches

Companies with small to large training departments find it cost-effective to have internal professionals trained and licensed to deliver the 2-day Coaching Clinic® or the 2-day Essential Conversations for Developing Others™ leadership development program to its employees, staff members or leadership team. Corporate Coach U’s formally trained and ICF-credentialed coaches, who are also talented trainers and facilitators, can conduct internal 4-day train the trainer programs in your organization so that your team can offer and deliver the above-referenced 2-day programs.  


You know that one size doesn’t fit all. CCU works with small to large organizations to tailor coaching and coach training to meet the organization’s specific strategic initiatives. CCU’s commitment to meet the business needs of organizations has enabled us to become the largest provider of corporate and organizational coach training and business coaching services worldwide.

Program Costs: The program costs vary depending on the needs of an organization.

Regional Contacts for Organizational Coaching Development

Our Regional Offices will be happy to respond to your specific questions and requests. 

Admissions Department for North America, South America and countries not listed below:
Call:  1-800-48COACH (1-800-482-6224) or 1-866-966-8688 (for callers outside of North America)
Need more program information? Please click here.

Admissions Department for Australasia, India and Middle East
Call:  +61 2  9531 8988
Regional Site:

Admissions Department for Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom
Call:  +44 (0) 1902 896 768

Regional Site:

Sales Department for Corporate and Organizational Inquiries
Please click here, or contact us via one of the methods above, to learn how you can bring our popular and proven programs and services to your organization (i.e., train 8 or more staff).

Core Essentials Program

Advanced Corporate Coaching Program

Advanced Corporate Coaching Transfer Program (ACCP-T)

Core Essentials Fast Track Program

The Coaching Clinic® Licensing Program (CCLP)

Essential Conversations for Developing Others (ECDO)

The Coaching Clinic

Organizational Coaching Development

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Organizational Coaching Development


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