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Bringing Coaching Into My Organization
Bringing Coaching Into My Organization

Corporate Coach U recognizes that companies have different challenges and initiatives. CCU offers a wide variety of programs and services to meet the needs of each company it partners with.

There are 3 ways that CCU can bring coaching into your company:

  CCU can provide training for one or more of your staff to become an internal coach.

CCU can train individuals within companies in corporate coaching skills through the Core Essentials Program and the Advanced Corporate Coaching Program. Individuals can conveniently take these programs from their home or office.

  CCU can provide customized on-site coaching skills development programs for your staff

CCU’s two - day Coaching Clinic® is taught on-site and trains supervisors, managers and leaders in the philosophy of business coaching and teaches them coaching skills that can be immediately applied in managing work relationships.

Corporate Coaching Development within a company enables large numbers of supervisors, managers, and leaders to benefit from coaching. Gaining coaching competencies within an organization enables a coach approach to managing.

Companies with large training departments find it cost-effective to have internal professionals trained and licensed to deliver The Coaching Clinic® to the company’s employees. CCU’s Senior Coach Associates can conduct an “internal train the trainer” that is customized to fit each company’s initiatives.

  CCU can provide seasoned corporate coaches and a customized program that meets the needs of your people

Executive and Management Coaching  provides one-on-one coaching by fully trained, certified and experienced corporate and executive coaches who represent the best in the coaching industry. Our coaches offer the fresh viewpoint of an objective third party who has worked at senior levels in organizations. Our corporate coaches work at all levels including senior, middle and entry-level management.

CCU provides a complete customer-centered coaching environment critical to identifying and developing your company’s vision. Our coaching services include executive and management coaching, strategic business coaching, performance coaching and success coaching. Team and leadership coaching as well as seminars, workshops and retreats for all team levels are also available. Other services include employee assessments, communication skills development, and team building.


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Bringing Coaching Into My Organization

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