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“I learned a lot from my fellow students who had a rich and varied background in the business and corporate world.”

The virtual nature of the CCU program is extremely effective and really develops your listening and intuitive skills. This is the future of education.

“I recognized the importance of executive coaching and I wanted a training program that focused on coaching in today’s business world and that was more in keeping with my business background.

CCU gave me the opportunity and the skills to specialize in corporate coaching.”

Sheridan Long, CCU Student - 25 years as a Senior Executive in Marketing and Sales with International Corporations.

“I surveyed all the coach training programs accredited by the ICF and the CCU program was the only one that focused on corporate coaching.”

“I had some reservations about two things. The first one was whether the content would be useful for me given my background. The second was the teleconferencing format. In fact, much to my delight and surprise, I found that the content has been extremely useful, the material is good and the faculty is really excellent.

In the classes there are other coaches from all over the world who provide very interesting perspectives and discussions. I’ve developed some nice friendships around the world as a result of the CCU classes. The CCU’s Corporate Coach Program has worked extremely well for me.”

Jeff Welsh, CCU Student - A seasoned CEO with a background in architecture, investment management, and construction. For the past six years has been an Executive Advisor with The Center for Executive Options.

 “I live and work in the corporate world. I wanted to develop a context for coaching in a corporate environment. I wanted to sharpen my coaching skills in that context. CCU had the quality of people to help me do that.”

“I wanted a program that went beyond theory and provided practical application of corporate coaching. CCU was a perfect fit.”

Sharon Spurlin, CCU Student - Has years of experience as a board member for various non-profit organizations.

“By taking the CCU modules you become conscious of what you’re doing and it increases your confidence and competence.

The written content serves as a foundation that is enriched by the background of the other students. The TeleClass format is fascinating.

You can’t beat it from a convenience standpoint, there’s no travel time. It’s very efficient”

Barbara Saat - CCU Student - Human Resource Professional - University of Rochester, New York.

“The content was extremely focused on the techniques and distinction of Corporate Coaching, which was something I didn’t have in 25 years in corporate America.

The content was relevant for the type of coaching I wanted to do - business challenges and career change. The content had to leverage my work experience and I wanted a program where I felt I was among my peers.

I was very comfortable in the TeleClasses. I was pleased that TeleClass etiquette was explained and that the Faculty honored and supported each person’s participation.

There are so many different types of compensation one receives from coaching others. I wish I had found it years ago.” 

Dave McKeon - CCU Graduate/Full-time Coach - has over 25 years experience in corporate strategic management and global finance.

“CCU gives you the coaching skills to round out leaders. What was very clear to me was that I should have had this training long ago.

I teach my direct reports coaching skills so they can teach their direct reports. Other divisions have noticed what I’m doing and I’m sharing coaching skills with these divisions.

I’ve become a corporate resource.

The content of the Advanced Corporate Coaching Program was directly applicable to every situation you’re going to encounter. The core is solid. 

The Teleclass environment is very effective. You start using different skills. You feel as though you’re sitting around a group of your peers.  I was never disappointed. The Faculty modeled the skills and is some of the best examples of coaching I’ve seen. The faculty is a resource that I’m still tapping into. I would definitely recommend this program.

Coaching has opened up a huge amount of possibilities for me. I have more opportunities than time. 

If you can’t engage and align your people with the goals of the company then you’re going to hit a ceiling. Every leader should have these skills.”

Wayne Jones - CCU Graduate and Coaching Clinic Licensed Facilitator - is the President and General Manager for the Eastman Gellatine Company.

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