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Faculty Bio - Sharon Rich
Sharon Rich
Coach Training:
Coach U
Certified Coach Graduate (Coach U)
Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
Bachelor - UCLA
I began leading classes for CoachInc:
Before coaching professionally:
I spent 25 years as an executive, creative director and copywriter in the advertising business. I have owned my own agency and also served as creative director at several major national agencies, including OgilvyOne (a division of Ogilvy & Mather.) For me, the best part of being a creative director was coaching others to reach their next level, as well as coaching people in conflicting departments to work together productively and successfully.
My coaching practice:
I work with executives and senior and mid-level management teams in growing organizations. I facilitate the development of people in leadership roles as they become growth leaders and change agents. And I guide teams as they become high performing co-creators who produce powerful results for themselves and their companies.
I find that coaching in the real world is messy. Leading Coach U classes connects me to the purest form of our practice. It keeps me grounded in the spirit and detail of coaching. I learn every bit as much as my students in every class. This is just one way I support my own professional development.
The most unique quality of my leadership:
I facilitate a very deep discussion. I have a gift for shifting the paradigm, providing new perspectives, and showing you the thing you didn't see before.
What I expect from the coaches on my calls:
I expect you to show up with the intention of learning and growing. And that you be willing to: participate authentically, to be surprised, and to be a contribution to everyone in the class.
My favorite benefit from leading classes:
Hearing people grow and develop as contributions to the world right in front of my ears!
Feedback from students:
My evaluations consistently say that I create a safe space for authenticity and learning, that I engage everyone in stimulating discussion and that I show up fully present and with compassion. Hope to hear you in class!
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