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Faculty Bio - Jennifer Sabin
Jennifer Sabin
Coach Training:
Corporate Coach U
Coach U
Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
Bachelor - University Of Pennsylvania
Masters - New York University
I began leading classes for CoachInc:
Before coaching professionally:
I founded JHS Co.on the American Stock Exchange, 1980s. At the time I was the youngest woman to purchase a seat on the Exchange. In the early nineties the company expanded to address a global demand for competent, creative and skilled management consulting and business development services. We worked domestically and globally with private clients, companies and government agencies in designing, implementing, and executing innovative and pragmatic strategies and solutions.
My coaching practice:
I am the founder and managing partner in a coaching and consulting company based in South Florida. Our clients are experienced executives, self-starting entrepreneurs (i.e. coaches) and other successful professionals combining the principles of coaching and the practical experience of business. I design and conduct coaching seminars and workshops for clients and am a frequent guest speaker and lecturer addressing a variety of audiences from Maine to Moscow.
All coaches who make a profound difference for others are all a contribution to the coaching profession. Given that as a foundation I am also personally a powerful leader who has worked with world leaders. The most important contribution I make to the coaching profession is in being a very succesful coach who models the best of coaching and committed that those with whom I work live great lives.
The most unique quality of my leadership:
Intelligence. Great orator. Creative, pragmatist with a keen sense of humor.
What I expect from the coaches on my calls:
Simple. Live a great life. Make a difference. Have fun. Do not fix people. Be curious. Enjoy the ride. Earn a great deal of money coaching.Work with a coach. Integrity and a commitment to excellence.
My favorite benefit from leading classes:
Being a faculty member is the avenue I chose to ensure that my professional colleagues were well trained and had the fundamentals to be masterful coaches. I certainly get to learn and grow with each class. It is fun, challenging and makes a difference for the coaching community.
Feedback from students:
From the students who fill out evaluations about 85% are very postive feedback and include the following "challenging yet compassionate,.. very incredible class excellent coach"
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