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Faculty Bio - Philip Cohen
Philip Cohen, MCC
Coach Training:
Coach U
Certified Master Coach (Coach U)
Master Certified Coach (ICF)
Profession Mentor Coach
Bachelor - Businesss Administration
I began leading classes for CoachInc:
Before coaching professionally:
I practiced as a CPA and business consultant for over 20 years. My focus was working with closely held business in all aspects of starting, growing, and selling the business. I ended my career as managing partner of my firm. When I was exposed to coaching, I realized that had been a large part of what had made my practice successful.
My coaching practice:
I've been coaching full time since February 1994. I enjoy both business and personal coaching, and weave the two together in my practice. I coach entrepreneurs, business owners, executive, professionals and salespeople. A portion of my business is reserved for coaching other coaches on the development of their business, their coaching skills, and themselves.
Coaching is a young profession and each of us has the opportunity to impact its growth and the perception of the public. I've been actively involved in the profession by being on the CU trainer team and serving as volunteer. I'm also a member of the Board of Directors of the ICF where I have a chance to impact coaching at a global level
The most unique quality of my leadership:
My leadership style is based on having fun and weaving humor into everything I do.
What I expect from the coaches on my calls:
I have high expectations. I expect coaches to come to class prepared to participate and be challenged. I expect them to respect each other and to stretch their own limits in the safety of class.
My favorite benefit from leading classes:
I often feel like a conduit. I learn something and then I have the opportunity to pass it along to someone else. I enjoy both the learning and the teaching.
Feedback from students:
They like being challenged in an atmosphere of support. They like the humor I weave in which makes the class fun. They also like my pacing. Fast enough to keep their attention, yet slow enough to have time to ask questions and participate.
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