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Faculty Bio - Marlene Durrell
Marlene Durrell
Coach Training:
Corporate Coach U
Bachelor - Business & Psychology
Masters - Education Counselling
I began leading classes for CoachInc:
Before coaching professionally:
I was a Change Management consultant and had previously been a Human Resources Consultant and held senior Human Resource management positions in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations for 15 years. My background also includes experience as an executive recruiter, outplacement counsellor, educator and real estate salesperson. This diverse experience, along with coach training, has provided me with a knowledge base to effectively coach executives, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and individuals in transition.
My coaching practice:
My coaching practice includes private clients, executives and organization leaders from a variety of industries. My focus is on creating environments in which individuals can become their best self and contribute to the well being of others and the success of the organizations of which they are a part of. I especially enjoy coaching executive teams and highly motivated individuals who are willing to create a vision and go for it.
People grow from connection is the fundamental belief on which I base my coaching - fostering environments of trust and collaboration. It is only through our interaction with others that we can know ourselves. People live from their perception also plays a significant role in the work that I do. Helping individuals to recognize the filters they are using and valuing the perceptions of others are critical elements of effective leadership both in our personal and in our business lives.
The most unique quality of my leadership:
I am known for my ability to both nurture and challenge at the same time.
What I expect from the coaches on my calls:
I expect that coaches will bring their experiences into the “room” and will take the risk to examine their beliefs and stretch to learn more. That they will ask for what they need and respect each class member on their journey.
My favorite benefit from leading classes:
Being stretched by the experiences shared in the class. Having the opportunity through class discussion to reexamine my own perceptions.
Feedback from students:
Students appreciate the warm and caring environment of my classes while being challenged to grow and try out new ways of being.
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