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Faculty Bio - Jill Lackey
Jill W. Lackey
Coach Training:
Corporate Coach U
Master Certified Coach (ICF)
Bachelor - Psychology and Business
I began leading classes for CoachInc:
Before coaching professionally:
I “grew up” in Human Resources. I started my career in a Talent Acquisition position (called recruiting at the time) and moved into employee relations and talent development. Prior to beginning my coach training I served as the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources for a large insurance company for eleven years where I led the company’s talent acquisition, compensation, employee relations, and training and organizational development areas.
My coaching practice:
My coaching practice consists primarily of corporate clients in mid-senior level management positions. I work with a wide variety of industries and companies of all sizes. I also do a good bit of work with non-profit organizations. Generally my focus is on developing leadership skills and enhancing interpersonal relationships but I also enjoy working with clients to help them meet their health and well-being goals
I believe that effective leadership is about two things - results and relationships. When coaching leaders I seek to facilitate the development of confident, capable leaders who will create a culture of success and significance within their organization. My goal is to accomplish this by building a collaborative partnership with my clients coupled with a strong commitment to excellence.
The most unique quality of my leadership:
One thing students frequently hear from me is “so what”? I not only desire to help others to discover new possibilities and to think more broadly but to consider how they will integrate that new learning into their lives.
What I expect from the coaches on my calls:
To be focused, present and excited about learning. I want coaches to demonstrate the core competencies of “Building Trust and Intimacy” and Coaching Presence so that we can all discover something new on each call and learn from the wealth of life experiences each coach brings with them.
My favorite benefit from leading classes:
The “ah ha” moments. When students are able to discover new learnings and understand how to apply them in their own coaching experiences.
Feedback from students:
“Out of the core essential courses, this has been the best taught yet. She held us in a safe space as she moved us forward in our listening skills. There was much field work with which came the opportunity to buddy coach outside of class and in class. Theory was also well reinforced by example so it is becoming organic. “Overall, this was a great class! I learned a lot. I appreciated Jill's respect for the group's experience and her willingness to invite our questions and participation. Jil
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