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Faculty Bio - Jennifer Corbin, MCC
Jennifer Corbin, PCC
Coach Training:
Corporate Coach U
Coach U
Certified Coach Graduate (Coach U)
Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
I began leading classes for CoachInc:
Before coaching professionally:
Before launching my coaching career in 1996, I was involved in large law firms for about 10 years in support services, management, training and technology. On the side, starting at the age of 18, I created several businesses that hit a brick wall. In 1995, at the age of 29, I decided to become the person that entrepreneurs went to when they hit a brick wall. In 1995, I learned that it was called coaching and began "officially" coaching some attorneys, at their urging, who were launching new projects.
My coaching practice:
* creating and maintaining personal and professional work-life balance for business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, executives and others * supporting people in expressing who they truly are in all aspects of life and work, cultivating strong entrepreneurial and inquisitive mindsets * working with others in attracting interesting people and opportunities * helping people to live a life full of passion and excitement * providing education and resources to be fully at choice in the future
I was on team that originally conceived the Guiding Principles, although known then as the 9 Laws of Human Interaction. During the last several years, I have continued to be amazed at how and how often they show up in daily life.
The most unique quality of my leadership:
Laugh, love, live. I strive to create levity in all that we do -- especially when the present is challenging and the future is daunting.
What I expect from the coaches on my calls:
I expect newer coaches to take full responsibility for their learning and implementation. That includes taking risks, stepping outside of their comfort zone, truth telling with grace, and having a willingness to be vulnerable.
My favorite benefit from leading classes:
I lead classes and conduct training sessions because I enjoy watching new/newer coaches develop greater confidence, see greater possibilities and show in up the world as they were meant.
Feedback from students:
I am really enjoying our classes more and more. I realize that I don't participate much, but trust me, the information is making a BIG impression on me. I appreciate your teaching style, and your willingness to share so much with our class. It is a definite highlight of my week! * As a result of that week many things are changing in my world and 2006 is looking full of possibilities that werenít there before. It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to meet you and to learn from you. I canít properly express my thanks!
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