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Would you like to know more about Coach U and Corporate Coach U and how our courses can support you in developing key coaching skills? We offer a free, 5 week course called Becoming a Certified Coach to anyone who has an interest in knowing more about our programs and services.. This Webinar will provide you with information that will help you get to know Coach U and Corporate Coach U so that you can make the best informed decision regarding your coach training. Our experienced facilitators will share valuable information with you and take questions from those on the call. On the call you can expect to learn more about the following:
  • Overview of our programs
  • In depth description of what's included in our programs.   
  • How long it takes to complete the programs and what's involved in atending/completing courses
  • Program costs for each program.
  • Benefits of receiving training at Coach U and Corporate Coach U

You will leave this webinar with your questions answered and you will know if one of our training programs is right for you at this time.

If you cannot attend at one of our scheduled times please call us at 1-800-482-6224 and we can speak to you one-to-one to provide more personalize information specific to you.

All couses are scheduled in the Eastern Time Zone (New York). For ease in converting your location to Eastern Time, please visit .  NOTE: The call is not toll free. It is a regular long distance call to the 206 area code.

Note: If you are interested in Corporate Coach U this is also the webinar for you! Prior to the class you can also visit for additional program information.

Need more information? Contact one of our Admissions Team Coordinators at 1-800-48COACH (1-800-482-6224) or email

If you're unable to attend a scheduled Q&A TeleClass click here to find some other places to get your questions answered.


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