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TeleClass® Participation Tips
TeleClass® Participation Tips

Our experience has shown us that the following suggestions enrich everyone’s experience of the TeleClass®.

  • Come to the call prepared to introduce yourself and identify what brings you to the corporate coaching environment and what you’d most like to learn on the call.
  • Listen to how the TeleClass® faculty member phrases things. Language is important in corporate and business coaching.
  • Share whenever we can. Share what you are learning as well as your corporate and business experience, which can benefit others in the class.
  • Enjoy the interaction among your fellow participants. Interaction is part of the learning experience.
  • Ask questions. Every question is a good one that others on the call will also want an answer to.

To register, call our Admissions Department at 1-800-482-6224 and indicate that you are interested in registering for CCU’s TeleClass® or register online now .

 If you have additional questions about Corporate Coach U, please contact our Admissions Department at 1-800-48COACH or email .

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