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Leaders Utilizing a Coach Approach
Leaders Utilizing a Coach Approach

  • Coaching evokes courage, creativity and enhances natural talent benefiting both the individual and the organization.
  • Through a coach approach a leaderís efforts can shift from managing others to inspiring others to create a more productive and agile organization.

ďCCU gives you the coaching skills to round out leaders. What was very clear to me was that I should have had this training long ago. I teach my direct reports coaching skills so they can teach their direct reports. Other divisions have noticed what Iím doing and Iím sharing coaching skills with other divisions. Iíve become a corporate resource.Ē

Wayne Jones - CCU Graduate and Coaching Clinic Licensed Facilitator - is the President and General Manager for the Eastman Gellatine Company.

For more from Mr. Jones click here.

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Leaders Utilizing a Coach Approach
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Leaders Utilizing a Coach Approach

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