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  • The tools and models at CCU provide a professional framework for deepening relationships with clients.
  • The CCU community provides an enriching environment for professional development through interaction with stimulating colleagues and faculty members.

I had some reservations about two things. The first one was whether the content would be useful for me, given my background. The second was the teleconferencing format. In fact, much to my delight and surprise, I found that the content has been extremely useful, the material is good and the faculty is really excellent.

In the classes there are other coaches from all over the world who provide very interesting perspectives and discussions. Ive developed some nice friendships around the world as a result of the CCU classes. CCUs Corporate Coach Program has worked extremely well for me.

Jeff Welsh, CCU Student - A seasoned CEO with a background in architecture, investment management, and construction. For the past six years Mr. Welsh has been an Executive Advisor with the Center for Executive Options.

For more from Mr.Welsh, please click here.

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